[VIDEO] WTH? Can You Imagine Marvin Gaye Doing This For Motown?!?

In the past, Epic Records signed artists like Luther Vandross, MJ, Patti LaBelle and NOW THIS!!! Okay people, this is the introduction to our “What The Hell Wednesdays” weekly video posts that we will bring to you every Wednesday and we came across the perfect video to kick this thing off.

All of us over here at Gritty Soul and I Love Old School Music watched this video of Epic Records’ rap artist, Bobby Shmurda. This brotha is presenting his songs to a conference room full of conservative, suit and tie attired Epic Record execs. Sounds harmless enough, doesn’t it?  Well after we watched it, we couldn't imagine Smokey Robinson or The Supremes doing this for Berry Gordy and the rest of the Motown staff! There’s NO WAY we would have ever heard from ANY of them had they done so! 

Check out the video…


This story is fitting to introduce Gritty Soul Apparel, the message is simple, Pay Homage or Pay The Price. This video is a clear example of the price that our youth is paying right now, because record labels like Epic Records now clearly have different intentions.

We’re extremely passionate about keeping the Old School era and the days of integrity alive. So it’s bigger than a clothing line, it’s a movement that needs to be heard. Watch the video below.



  • Robin Johnson

    I’m not much into rap music. So for me……I can say that I wouldn’t want to sign him. I like rap with meaning.

  • StaceyL.

    Thiis guy is a mess. Thank you for spreading the message.

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