Gritty Soul Reviews

As a fashion enthusiast, I am blown away by the quality of the jeans. They fit like a dream and make me feel confident every time I wear them. - Jasmine 

Da rhinestone leggings are 💣💣💣! The attention to detail and the comfortable fit make me stand out in the crowd. I love how they add bling to my wardrobe. - Malik

These jeans are a game-changer! Not only are they incredibly stretchy, but the quality of the fabric is 💯. I will rock these!!!. - Brooke             

Don't know why people may have some slow shipping experiences, but my rhinestone leggings from Gritty Soul are dope as hell! AND they came in 4 days!! 💨 - Aaliyah             

The Cleopatra Stones from Gritty Soul are so funny! Thank you for my order. I will be ordering again. -GrittyGirl Debra             

Wearing my luxe rhinestone leggings makes me feel like I've stepped into a world of luxury and elegance so like they said. I already winning! - Nia                 

I ordered for the first time in March, and I got the Cleopatra Leggings, and I LOVE THEM.  I usually don't buy from online boutiques because you can't tell who is who. But they are great and I receive a lot of compliments every time I wear them - Kia1187                 

Although the shipping ok. The exceptional customer service from Gritty Soul made up for it. They were attentive, and responsive, and went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with my order. - Aisha                 

I've tried these boutiques, but Gritty Soul exceeded all expectations.  The crossed Out jeans are a must-have! - Jamilah                 

My new go-to spot! Just keep them coming, and if you ever think you have an issue with your order, hit up the customer service over there. You'll see the difference...I love it. - Nia                 


What I love is that there are not many of these boutiques that answer questions on IG or even have a customer service team but this boutique got it down boo. I'm #grittygirl for life!!! Makes me feel like they value me as a customer. - Isha                 

I can confidently say that Gritty Soul clothing is worth every penny. The attention to detail and the unique designs make me feel like a fashion icon. I love the versatility and quality of their garments. - Ciara                 

I did get my shipment 2 days after I expected it, but HONEY!!! They came right on time. They hug in all the right places, but not too tight. - Zara                 

I'm 48 and still be slaying. And this boutique never disappoints! The rhinestone leggings I ordered are absolutely stunning. - Malikah                 

Although the delivery of my order took longer than anticipated, the outstanding customer service from Gritty Soul made the experience worthwhile.  Ya girl Amara                 

Been ordering for like 2 years. Sometimes shipment was slow, but overall, they are great! I had to come on here and put my 2 cents in because they had some inventory stuff happening and everybody was leaving bag reviews. go get them cheap China knockoffs and see what happens. Everything with this black owner is trendy with good quality. Keep going beautiful! - Keedy B.             


I saw there were some bad reviews, but I saw the video of the owner talking about what happened to their brand and I felt so bad for her. I supported her and I'm glad I did. The clothes are 🔥🔥🔥                 

Sis, Gritty Soul got me turning heads! The way their clothes fit and the unique styles made me feel like a queen. Definitely worth every coin. - Jazzy J                 


Listen, Kim Bezel is on point! Even though my order came fashionably late, the quality and style make up for it. Can't get enough! - NaLisa                 


At 50, I'm still turning heads thanks to Gritty Soul! The rhinestone leggings I copped are pure fire. This boutique never misses a beat. - Kayla                 


Shoutout to Gritty Soul for the fabulous fashion and exceptional customer service. Even with a slight delay, they made sure I got my ish. - Tracee                 

Honey, her clothes got me feeling like an IG model! The clothes fit these HIPS all day... Love it, love it! - Shawntell The Slay Goddess                 


Age is just a number with Gritty Soul! YASSS to timeless fashion. - Kuiana                 


Kim Bezel, (owner of Gritty Soul Boutique), you're doing amazing, sweetie! Despite a small hiccup in delivery, the quality and trendiness keep me coming back for more. - Kennedy                 

Keedy B. said it best – Gritty Soul is where it's at! Forget the haters; support this black-owned queen! Keep shining, Gritty Soul! - Elisha