Our Story

Gritty Soul was birthed out of frustration, passion, and our love for real music. As true lovers of the vinyl records music era and the artistic beauty that was created on them, we became frustrated with today’s ‘mainstream’ radio. We felt like radio became really irresponsible, in terms of the content that it was pushing out to the public.


It was obvious that radio had become just about the relationship between the record label and the publishers, and therefore was no longer beneficial to the community of people that was listening to it. This was evident by the overload of redundant messages that were being promoted through the music choices radio was now selecting.

That musical graveyard, created by mainstream radio, is what led us to initially create I Love Old School Music, which started as a small online community on social media. From there, we were elated when we grew from 100 followers, to  1.5 million people, who feel the same way we feel about the vinyl records music era.

Thus, Gritty Soul is now the natural transformation of I Love Old School Music in a physical form, with our exclusive vinyl records jewelry, sun shades, and clothing for which we pay homage to the vinyl records music era.

Our Gritty Soul products look great, it shines no doubt. However, Gritty Soul is for the more conscious thinker...the person who appreciates the integrity that lies beneath the artists’ dedication to his/her craft, and the sound that is forever engraved within the cracklin’ sound of the grooves.

If it ain’t cracklin,’ it ain’t poppin.’ 

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