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We are here to offer a remedy to restore order to the chaos and to breathe integrity and honor back into soul music. We believe that when you change the message in the music, you change the mentality of the people. Our message is simple: "Pay Homage, or Pay The Price." What's the price you ask? Our youth's lives...and we refuse to stand by quietly and let that happen.

With Gritty Soul Apparel we will say it with our chest: "I'm Old School and I'm Proud" and we will encourage our youth, entice them, and in some cases force them to show respect to the era of soul. In order to progress toward a better future, one must dissect and study the past. Welcome to Gritty Soul.

After a few years of talking with fans on our ILoveOldSchoolMusic Facebook page, we realized that there were millions of folks out there who shared our same passion for old school soul music and who also shared our same frustration with today's mainstream media. So we decided to create a more physical way to keep the era of soul alive. With our clothing line, Gritty Soul, we will now be able to Say It With Our Chest and proudly proclaim that we are old school 'til we D-I-E.

It's time for the youngin's who do not respect the old school to get that good ol' fashioned butt whipping they need...they will either roll with us, or get rolled over...it's that simple, but it will all be done with love and for their own good. Take the journey with us as we say it with your chest: "Pay Homage or Pay The Price".

If you were to ask many people why we are losing our youth at a rapid rate, many would say because of drugs and guns, but there is also one other major hidden culprit and it is today's mainstream music. We have always been influenced by the messages in music and today's youth are no different. The only problem is that major corporations have now restructured the art of mainstream music and are delivering dangerous non-thought provoking messages like "Popped a Molly I'm Sweating!"  

Back in the day we too were shaped by our music, but the messages we received were those of a broad array of concepts, including evolution, revolution, love, fighting for a cause, and simple "feel good" house party music. Unfortunately today, there is a cannibalistic sub-level that exists within mainstream soul music, and that is: drug dealers and murderers who have made a name for themselves in their hometowns are the ones who get the major record deals first. Go figure.  Join us...we are stronger in numbers to make an impact!
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We'd love to here from you. Call us on 1.888.382.4925 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Remember you can also email us at support@grittysoul.com
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