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Guess The Vinyl!

  Alright Gritty Soul family, we are testing your "Vintage I.Q."!   Each of our vinyl record jewelry pieces are made from real vinyl reco...

Test Your Fashion I.Q. Who Wore These 5 Outfits?!?

Okay people, we want to see how many of you can actually recognize an artist just based on their outfits alone. Now before you get all confident an...

[VIDEO] WTH? Can You Imagine Marvin Gaye Doing This For Motown?!?

In the past, Epic Records signed artists like Luther Vandross, MJ, Patti LaBelle and NOW THIS!!! Okay people, this is the introduction to o...

The Ensembles!!!

Here are the Ensembles! If you guessed Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix and Andre 3000 you've got it right!  

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