What is a Pre-Order?

Our items that are available for pre-order, means that you are purchasing an item that is scheduled to be shipped at a future date. Our customers love pre-ordering items, because it is a great way to guarantee that the item will not be sold out once it arrives in the warehouse.

⚡️ PreOrder Deposits are here! 2 EASY STEPS!!!
  1. Put at $13 deposit to guarantee the item/color and the size that you want.
  2. When the item is ready to ship, click the payment link to complete the payment for your item!
Your item ships same day or next business day after payment is made.
  • $13 deposit will guarantee the item and size/color that you want.
  • When the item is ready to ship, usually within 10-20 days, you will be sent a payment link via email or text to let you know that your item is ready to ship and the final payment is due.
  • Payment for the item must be made within 48 hours of when the item is ready to ship. $13 deposit is non-refundable. If payment for the item is not made within 48 hours, the item will not be available to purchase, and the deposit is non-refundable. 

When will my Pre-Order ship?

We suggest that pre-ordered items be ordered separately from “in-stock” orders, as our in-stock items are shipped immediately. If you combine in-stock and pre-order items into one purchase, all items will be shipped on the pre-order shipping date.

If an item is available for pre-order, it will have its own specific shipping date. The shipping date will be shown on the product page, in your cart, order page, and order confirmation email.

What if I want to cancel a Pre Order?

Please contact us at the customer service link so that we can cancel it for you. Once your order has been sent to our warehouse it may no longer be cancelled.